Frequently Asked Questions

We are here to help! Please email if you have any other questions!

Will I have access to the decision-makers for my product or service at your event?

Yes. Our attendees are the decision makers for the commercial buildings, hospitals, hotels, condominiums, HOA’s, refineries, plants, universities and facilities throughout the Mid-Atlantic region. Each attendee operates a multi-million dollar budget.

Does your event understand the industry/target audience and where my product might fit?

Absolutely. This is our 14th annual MABFM. We create a marketplace for our exhibitors to reach the TOP Buildings and Facilities managers in their respective region. Our past exhibitors have reached multi-million dollar deals and projects with our attendees. We pride ourselves on the business relationships that have been generated from our show. We even provide the FULL lead list from our show with contact information of every single attendee for our exhibitors. A lot of other trade shows charge you, or make you buy a lead scanner, to generate those leads.

Will your show create ample opportunities for me and my business (what’s my return on opportunity)?

The best part about our Buildings and Facilities Management Shows are that it only takes one handshake to generate new business and projects for years to come. With a solid attendee to exhibitor ratio, the odds are in exhibitor’s favor to generate leads and see a great return.

Can you help me justify all the costs of this event?

Exhibiting in our show includes a lot of additional benefits included in the booth cost.

We include the FULL Lead list from the show. A market value of a full contact list of the TOP Building and Facility managers can add anywhere from $750-$1,500 (depending on the total amount of exhibitors). Ours is included in our booth price!

We offer the opportunity to invite your TOP 50 potential or current clients to see you exclusively exhibit at our show! We incentivize them by offering FREE: Gourmet Lunch, Reimbursed Parking, and Cocktails. The best part is, it looks like it comes from you! The TOP 50 Campaign is a great way to drive specific traffic to your booth, and those attendees are forever grateful! They’ll be sure to stop by and say thank you!

We offer the best Renewal rates around! Once you exhibit at one of our shows, you become part of our family. We offer special renewal rates to all of our past exhibitors!